The First SC Watershed Task Force Event; Adopt-a-Beach;

Peggy Vance, Beaches and Parks Commissioner, and Michael Metcalf, Surfrider Foundation both adopted beaches

A good turn out for the Adopt-a-Beach Project

Mayor Joe Anderson

Signing in...

Council Member Stephanie Dorey and
Founder of the Watershed Task Force, addresses the audience

Schlepply's owner Carl adopted the sand in front of his
restaurant at Calafia.

Dedicated volunteers Janet Andrews and Sandra Khalifa

The crowd ready to adopt...

Adopters received buckets and trash picker-up-ers.

Everyone was greeted by Barbara and got to choose a block of beach to adopt.

Russ Reinsel, owner of RedDog Media, adopted a beach
and filmed the event

Nanci Mavar making plans with Lynn Wood ...

Russ Reinsel and his son, Drew, already out cleaning their block.

Carolyn LaPorte of filling her bucket.

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